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WELCOME TO SALT PAPER STUDIO A full-service, commercial content partner.

Our Client Partners

Happy Pride, this month and all year long.  Love,
Salt Paper
Rainy day blues.  Guess how many pounds of sand we brought into the studio to build this sandbox. Winner gets a Salt Paper dad hat. 🧢😛
We’ll see you on the court 🏓Continuing our fashion feature with @southerntide, pickleball style.
Here's another example of our flat lay photography for a seasonal feature with @southerntide. This is a perfect opportunity to showcase item variation and introduce new products in one continuous story.  Give us a call today to hear how our visual strategy can help build your customer's cart.
Time to tie the knot! We're getting wedding season ready with these button downs from @southerntide.
Our spin on a classic. Monochromatic stills will always be one of our favorite visuals, and we're loving this color palette for spring.
Flat lay photography is an excellent way to tell your fashion brand story. Paired with on figure imagery, it's an even better way to drive conversion.  Interested in improving your brand's website or marketplace presence? Send us a message or visit our website to learn how we can help your brand scale with our photo and video services. Link in bio 📧